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Politics should be about turning ideas into action.  Political philosophies are important, but a party is really defined by what it does; the practical, on-the-ground solutions that it puts forward to address the issues of the day.

Canada is facing situations that it never has before.  Technology, demographics, and globalization are reshaping our world and our country in ways our grandparents never would have imagined.  If we are to make the most of the opportunities presented by these changes, and avoid their most harmful consequences, we need social, economic, and environmental policies that are up to the challenge. The approaches of the last century, or even the last decade, may not be much help.

Unfortunately, we don’t often hear new and innovative policy ideas. In fact, Canadian politics sometimes seems like the place that new ideas go to die.  Instead, we have the same talking points and catchphrases repeated over and over, and completely predictable policy responses from the parties of the left and the right.

We can change that, but we need your help and ideas.  London West actively participates in drafting and selecting the ideas that become policies of the national party.  Through the policy process, grassroots members have an opportunity to shape the direction of the party, in important areas such as healthcare, energy, defence, and the economy.

Recently, London West has proposed two policies that are going to be debated at the Biennial convention in Ottawa in January. These include a proposal for an integrated rail system, including High Speed Rail (HSR) on the Windsor-Quebec corridor.  With the support of other Associations across the country, there is a good chance that the HSR resolution will become a Liberal policy priority.

If you have an interest in policy, and would like to participate in the development of national party policies, let us know. Send an e-mail to James Beynen, Vice-President, Policy at