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Get Involved!

Together We’re Stronger

The history of Canada has been built on one, simple conviction: that we are not many, but one, not a collection of communities, but one great people, bound to each other by the promise of equality, opportunity and justice for all. That, too, is the conviction of the London West Federal Liberal Association.

Our riding association is committed to promoting the core principles and values that have historically sustained the Liberal Party of Canada – individual freedom, responsibility and human dignity in the framework of a just society. We believe that the dignity of each individual man and woman is the cardinal principle of democratic society.

Let us know that you are interested in getting involved! Please sign up for our e-mail newsletter and become a fan of our local London West Liberals Facebook page.

Throughout the year, we host and attend social, civic and policy-related events in London, at the provincial level and at the national level. If you are a people person, coming out to an event is a great way to meet your fellow Londoners and Liberals!

Like how we do things? Or think we could be doing things better? Take the initiative to help out as a volunteer. In politics, there is no shortage of work to be done. Whatever your particular talents, we can most likely find a useful volunteer role or project that’s suited to your skills and availability.